About Us

Bovitech Veterinary Services provides dedicated, production focused, on-farm services to cattle and sheep producers in the south coastal region of Western Australia. While primarily based in Manypeaks, we provide a full range of services to commercial producers in the Denmark, Plantagenet, and Albany shires. Staying local to our clients means that we have an in-depth knowledge of the local soil types, seasonal conditions, common production systems and specific health issues unique to this region. It also allows us to provide more prompt service with the flexibility to schedule around other farm management events that you may have. We pride ourselves on developing personable relationships with clients that allow us to better understand your business structure and help achieve your production goals. Our competitively priced services are tailored to suit the needs of your individual farming enterprise and can range from the treatment of an individual animal, through to whole of herd health, with a focus on increasing your livestock productivity and profitability.

Meet Jess

Having always had a keen interest in animals and the country life, Jess started her veterinary career at Murdoch University. Whilst studying a combined Bachelor of Veterinary Science/Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, she also concurrently completed a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science – a degree more focused on animal production, particularly meat, milk and wool. She gained permission to further overload her studies and completed an honours thesis in meat science. The project involved a feasibility trial of a vaccine aimed at increasing the performance of lot fed heifers and increasing their compliance within the domestic carcase grid. This education provided her with a solid foundation not only in animal health, but also in meat, milk and wool production, which is essential to be able to understand the drivers behind farm economics, productivity and profitability.

While studying, Jess enjoyed showing cattle, working as a farm hand on feedlots and assisting with meat research projects. Jess was also involved with the Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging Association for several years. The association encourages students to pursue careers in the meat industry and has several events, including an annual, week-long red meat conference and carcase judging competition for tertiary students. Jess was a successful competitor in 2010 and was selected to represent the Australian National team, which provided her with the opportunity to tour the US meat industry and compete on their judging circuit. She then returned to help coach another 5 teams of students.

After graduating with distinction and first-class honours, Jess initially took a role with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, working as a veterinarian in export abattoirs, before later transitioning back to Manypeaks, in order to offer on-farm veterinary services on a full-time basis and work alongside her farming husband, Cody. Jess now enjoys working one-on-one with producers and has a particular interest in reproductive performance and meat production from pasture-based systems, as well as herd health.

Community Support

Being a locally focused business, we enjoy giving back to our community. We are a proud supporter of the Gate 2 Plate Challenge, which is a competition for beef producers that assesses cattle performance through the grain fed, MSA graded, domestic supply chain in Western Australia. Jess is an active committee member and also volunteers her veterinary services throughout the year to support the health and welfare of the competition's cattle.

Jess is also working in conjunction with Gate 2 Plate, Oyster Harbour Catchment Group and Clear South Project Management to form the proactive grower group, Southern Beef. The group aims to bring support and information to beefproducers which is relevant to our region and will focus on grower to grower learning. 

We also enjoy being involved in local field days, workshops and other information sharing events that help producers capitalise on new information and improve their productivity.

We believe in engaging with other local service providers, such as rural retailers, agronomists, livestock agents etc, in order to encourage collaboration and sharing of local knowledge to better service our clients’ needs.

Farm Biosecurity

On a daily basis, we visit multiple properties and have direct contact with various livestock, therefore we are conscious of our potential to transmit disease and weeds between farms. For your own peace of mind, we make every practical attempt to reduce this risk. It is standard practice to change clothes between farms as well as disinfect boots, equipment, and “contact” areas in our vehicle. Disposable consumables are used wherever possible and are single use only (i.e. needles and syringes are not reused). When our vehicle has been driven through paddocks, it is checked at the farm gate prior to leaving for noxious weeds such as doublegees in the tyres and undercarriage.

If you have any additional biosecurity requirements (such as full vehicle wash down, wash-in-wash-out facilities, induction procedures etc), please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate for this accordingly in our schedule.

Contact Details

Please feel free to get in contact and discuss how we can help your livestock business.

Dr Jess Shilling BSc/BVMs

P: 0413 107 113

E: bovitech@outlook.com

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